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11:43pm 05-14-2010
Alvaro Frota
Rio de Janeiro, 14 de maio de 2010

Prezado Genius:

Your site is realy useful for amator chessplayers!

I had been trainning chess tactics at "Chess Tempo" for a year now and I realy think that this tactical trainning site deserves be cited in your's:

Please, visit and test "Chess Tempo" and make your mind!

Aquele abraço!:

Álvaro Frota
Replied on: 12:05pm 07-31-2010

Thanks, I checked out the website and thought it was pretty cool. I have added the website to my list of links.

7:04am 04-12-2010
This website is a wonderful gem. Keep up the good work!
4:23am 04-04-2010
Diego Gonzalez
Awesome site!!!!!
Replied on: 9:26am 05-15-2010

Thanks Diego!

11:34am 03-28-2010
robbolito superceeded by iggorit and now ivanhoe

engines all same family and strongest sp / mp engine in world is ivanhoebetamodv63

it crushes deep rykba3 as does naum4-2 but ivanhoe is free and can be downloaded at several forums including Angels77 forum
7:01am 03-19-2010
I am 34 years old and just getting into chess. It has seemed to consume me for the last little bit.Maybe a little old to just be starting and feeling serious about it but with the use and study of online information i think i can advance to a level i want. Thanks for all the info on you site it is amazing.
Replied on: 5:19pm 03-19-2010


3:35am 02-18-2010
Excellent website. Perhaps you could list articles by date or categories like openings, trivia, etc.
Replied on: 10:04am 02-21-2010

Hi CH,

Yes, I think I might rearrange the website articles into categories.

I'm currently posting up every new release on my mailing list:

1:27am 02-12-2010
Can you please recommend me a company that might be interested to sell or license code for a chess engine?
Replied on: 11:12am 02-13-2010

I am not aware of any companies that sell code for chess engines.

Although, there are quite a few open-source chess engines, such as Stockfish and RobboLito. Keep in mind that if you copy parts of these codes, then your own releases must also be non-commercial (and possibly open source too).

7:33pm 01-23-2010
Hi GeniusProphecy,

Your website is very informative and excellently written. Well done.
Replied on: 10:33am 01-24-2010

Thanks BigRhino.

10:58pm 12-31-2009
Alana (Canberra)
Hey! Just letting you know your site is AWESOME!! Good work, and very useful especially the stuff about free Rybka and databases! Cheers!
Replied on: 9:28am 01-10-2010

Thanks for the compliments.

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